Custom Tricycle Frame -Starts @ $1200

Custom Tricycle Frame -Starts @ $1200

We have made trikes for carrying dogs, beer, people and more!   Trikes truly are a different animal and can be in many configurations to carry whatever you want.   Whether you want 2 wheels in the front or 2 wheels in the back, we can handle it for ya!   All you need to do is schedule a consultation and we will talk about your dream trike!  

Price listed is a starting price for a raw, round tube frame only. It is available in round or square tube steel. Price for a square tube frame +$50

All our frames come with a 1 1/8” head tube and a one-piece bottom bracket. A 100mm wheel set will fit with no worries!  Custom sizes available. 

We can accomodate a variety of basic options for your frame at no charge i.e. shifter tabs, disc brake tabs, etc.  

We take your height and weight into consideration when building your frame. After all, it MUST be comfortable for you to ride!

We usually have a waiting list for builds so, we thank you in advance for your patience!  To get on the build list, you must make a payment on your project.  If paying in full doesn't work for you, 

please get in touch with us and we can make other arrangements…we are here to work with you!

Prices do not include shipping.  Shipping for a trike is a tricky beast and we really don't know what the shipping is until we are finished with the build...that is why the shipping for this listing is at a starting price of $1.