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Since 2004, years Lowlife has been making custom bicycles in Central Florida

and sending them around the world. 

It all began in a shed in Cocoa, Fl in or around 2004.  Now, it is in a slightly larger shop space in Cape Canaveral, Fl.  While the geography may not have changed much, the scope of the custom bikes made by Lowlife Bikes has grown by leaps and bounds. 

Inspired by ideas from people all around the globe; Lowlife has built bikes that are low, high, animal shaped, big boy replicas of little kidz bikes and bikes that have functional grills (not the tooth variety...I mean an actual "make me a damn burger" grill!). 

Currently, we are not taking custom orders but, we will have frames for sale from time to time.  Check us out on Facebook for the latest!  

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